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Diane L. Anderson holds a B.A. in music from the University of Massachusetts Lowell where she studied piano with Thomas Stumpf. She also holds a Master of Arts in Music Studies from the University of New Hampshire where she concentrated in composition. Her principal teachers at UNH were Lori Dobbins and Andrew Boysen, Jr. Several of her pieces were premiered at UNH, most notably her Symphony for Winds which was premiered by the UNH Wind Symphony under the direction of Mr. Boysen.
         Ms. Anderson has numerous piano pieces for students published by Alpha Major. Her piece Downtown Crossing was given a "thumbs up" review by Susan Geffen in Clavier Magazine in the fall of 2014.
         Ms. Anderson organizes a benefit concert every September for which she directs a small chorus, The Hope Chorus. The Hope Chorus has premiered several choral pieces composed specifically for them by Ms. Anderson.
         Ms. Anderson is an accompanist at St. Joseph church in Wakefield, Massachusetts where she also accompanies the children’s choir and the adult choir. She is past president of the North Shore Piano Teacher’s Guild. Ms. Anderson currently resides in Beverly, Massachusetts where she lives with her husband and her kitties. She has run a successful piano teaching studio for over twenty-five years.

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