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Diane has given piano lessons to my daughter for many years.  I am impressed with Diane's natural ability to continuously engage my daughter in the piano, particularly through the teenage years.  Diane is an enthusiastic, talented musician who is passionate about sharing her love of music with her students.  Over the years she has introduced my daughter to a broad repertoire and taught her solid technique.  My daughter looks forward to her weekly lessons and I am so thankful to have Diane in our lives!

--- Alison Michigan

"My daughter has made an incredible amount of progress since she started piano with Diane about a year ago. She can already play a few tunes from beginning to end and we can tell that it really impacts her desire

to keep playing and practicing."


--- Sydney Pierce

"We were delighted to find that Diane is a very patient, supportive and organized teacher who succeeds in communicating her passion for piano. She has even encouraged Sophia to compose several pieces of her

own. As a parent, I was moved and very proud to watch

my daughter perform her own piece at the recital. My

advice to parents on the North Shore, wait until your

child is ready, then call Diane Anderson."  


  --- Philip Alexander

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